Cornelia Balzarini founds Ginjarock



Ginjarock changes the name to dancebazar. A bazar of dance and movement.


20 years of Cornelia Balzarini's dancing school activities



affiliates to Kizomba Ticino




Yoga holidays with Mahashakti in Ticino

affiliates to association Kizomba Svizzera who offers Kizomba Teacher Training courses



25 years of dancing school activities





Cornelia Mahashakti Balzarini steps into the dance world in 1985 trough jazz gymnastic. Later she experiences different dance styles such as afro, HipHop, hawaian dance, indian dance,..



In 1992 she starts to teach and founds her own danceschool.

Cornelia is also a caraibic dancer since 2002.



In 2012 she lives in an Ashram and completes her teacher training course as a yoga teacher getting her first yoga certificate. 


Today she is an international recognized yoga alliance teacher.

Despite the yoga lessions, she also teaches dance fitness and kizomba (international recognized dance teacher IDSA & WDC). 


Luca Albertella (Lukas) is a latin dancer since 1999 and a passionate Kite Surfer.

In 2009 has seen the artist Albyr & Sara dancing Kizomba. In the same year, on holiday in Cap Verde he has seen how the african people dance Kizomba. Luca was fascinated about this kind of dance. 

Back home he met Carlo Caponnetti from Kizomba Kife and Davide Venturi from Kizomba Milano (Kizmi). Davide has been his teacher. After two years of education and congresses from Milano to Madrid and privat and public workshops, Luca became the certificate as a teacher by Kizomba Italia.  




In spring 2014 he takes his second qualification as a teacher of Kizomba dance WDC IDSA and brings the Kizomba in Ticino (Switzerland).



International Danceteacher World Dance Council


His teaching is unique for the exact technique and the good sense of musicality.



LEONARDO DI LEVA is a student from Kizomba Svizzera. He teach Kizomba basic courses!